“In face of austerity Sadiq has worked tirelessly to support Londoners,” Khan backed for 2020 Mayoral bid

GMB, Britain’s general union, today announced its backing for Sadiq Khan’s to continue as the Labour Party’s Mayoral candidate in the upcoming 2020 London contest.

Paul Maloney, GMB Southern Regional Secretary said: “In the face of savage austerity and a Tory Government, Sadiq has worked tirelessly as Mayor to support Londoners.

“By investing in social and council housing, freezing transport fares and with record City Hall investment in the Met police to tackle gun and knife crime, Sadiq has shown he is on the side of London’s workers.”

However, Professor Philip Cowley from Queen Mary’s Mile End Institute, said: “Sadiq Khan has suffered a noticeable hit in his ratings.

“Down from being the most popular politician in Britain just 18 months ago, to being ahead but not by much.

“The 2020 contest is looking a lot more interesting now than it did even before this summer.

“Justine Greening and other big Tory beasts might now regret their decision not to have a tilt at him.”

This reduction in Khan’s popularity, and tighter electoral race, is unlikely to hand the Tories the keys the City Hall their vote share plunge to just 26 per cent.

It gets worse for Nigel Farage, after the ex-Ukip leader with Londoners opposing his candidacy to become mayor 62 per cent to 22 per cent.

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