Homeless MP candidate would “shut down” Saudi, Qatari and Brunei embassies in Westminster

A homeless MP candidate for London and Westminster would shut down the Saudi, Qatari and Brunei embassies in his constituency if elected, he has said.

Ankit Love, The Maharaja of Kashmir candidate for MP from the Cities of London and Westminster constituency, was left homeless after filling an intelligence report with Sergeant Scott of the Parliamentary & Diplomatic protection squad.

He was advised to sleep on the street in Mayfair for his security by the police at Charing Cross station, and now campaigns and sleeps rough a couple doors down from the Saudi embassy on Curzon Street.

Love, leader of the One Love Party, is the youngest man in British history to be nominated four times for parliament.

He lost all his capital investing in political campaigns to end what he terms as the “air pollution genocide,” which according to scientists will kill over 200,000 people in Britain by 2021, and create an economic deficit of £270 billion.

Financial collapse from political campaigning is a trend Love carries on from his parents Prof. Bhim Singh, a Dogra royal, and Jay Mala Devi, a God Saraswat Brahmin, the highest of all Hindu priestly castes. Love parents jointly founded the Panthers Party of India in 1982 to fight against Islamic Terrorism on the frontline of the conflict in Kashmir.

Love’s parents sunk their entire wealth and savings, over £250 million over three decades into their political party. At the hight of their success Love’s family formed part of the coalition government cabinet in terror-torn Jammu and Kashmir. At the time they had won all seats in the Udhampur district. Udhampur is comparable to the size and population of Brunei.

Ankit Love in reaction to the Manchester Arena bombing, took over his parents political party on Sunday with a pledge to end Islamic terrorism globally. This uniquely made Love the first man to be both a leader of a British and an Indian political party.

Earlier this year Ankit Love, The Maharaja of Kashmir made news in both Britain and India as candidate for Prime Minister of India in the 2019 general elections.

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