HM House of Commons hears shocking revelation of royals covering up church sex abuse

Labour MP Chris Bryant has made a shocking revelation about royal family members covering up sexual abuse by a high ranking member of the clergy.

The Labour MP for Rhondda told an emergency debate on sexual abuse in the House of Commons of a shocking case he was told about when he was a young vicar.

A friend and colleague was suicidal after being raped by a senior churchman. Bryant told the House of Commons that “the senior cleric concerned had a great deal of protection from the establishment, including from certain members in the royal family.”

The senior member of the Church of England has since been prosecuted and jailed, said the Labour MP. Chris Bryant went on to plead: “isn’t the one thing that we must learn from all this is that the best way to protect the institution is actually to protect the victims – put our house in order.”

Labour's Chris Bryant has a shocking revelation about the Roya…

Labour's Chris Bryant has a shocking revelation about the Royals protecting sexual abusers in the church.

Posted by Nye Bevan News on Monday, 30 October 2017


By Benjamin Jenkins



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  1. Mr Comment

    Couple of typos in the article:

    “The senior member of the Church of England, said the Labour MP has since been prosecuted and jailed.”
    – I thought this meant Chris Bryant had been prosecuted and jailed. Need another comma after “MP”.

    “Chris Bryant went on to plead: “isn’t the one thing that we much learn from all this is…”
    – “must”

  2. PalJim24

    It begins and ends with the ‘royals’; all bad things about the UK begin and end with them. Not until they have been cleared away can we ever breath truly freely in this beautiful land. 1,000 years of lying and cheating and stealing by this bloody awful ‘family’; worse than the Mafia.

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