Hillsborough Ruling Is A Victory For All Working Class People

Prose by John S. Locke

Justice was seen to be done today and a victory for working class people everywhere was seen to happen.

Today was a victory for working class people against an establishment fully prepared to lie and damage the reputation of normal people to protect itself.

A day when working class people beat establishment corruption and truth finally won.

A very important day in history for a working class people, truth and justice in our country.

Fought in the face of lies, condemnation, abuse, collusion and the attempted destruction of the reputation of a city, a football club and normal working class families and their loved ones.

A heroic, historic and noble victory against a system which should hide and cower in the shadows it belongs to.

Love and light to all who fought so long and hard against this callous evil in our society.

Long live the memory of the 96, long live the strength in the hearts of their families and supporters, long live the fire in the bellies of all who fought for justice in the face of overwhelming and hostile odds.

Long live the City of Liverpool.

May the tears and pain of 27 years of suffering now have some ease, comfort and relief.

May the light of truth and the sword of justice shine brightly and cut down the liars and naysayers and may they now have truth and justice meted out upon them.

Justice, vindication and peace for the 96 and their families.

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