Hillary Clinton says “won’t run again” in 2020 Presidential race against Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton in the UK on a tour to promote her autobiography What Happened, today revealed that she will not be running for President against Donald Trump in 2020.

“No, I won’t run again,” the former Democrat candidate told BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

Clinton vowed to “continue to speak out” against Donald Trump, adding she would still be “raising money and support for candidates and causes that I believe in… and I will be supporting the Democratic Party in the election this year, next year and 2020.”

The London Economic reported earlier this week how Hillary Clinton abandoned a friendly meet and greet on the Welsh leg of her British tour as a student at Swansea University where she had just been awarded an Honorary Doctorate told her: “Bernie would have won, only you could lose to Trump.”

Soon after, the President had tweeted how he hoped that Hillary Clinton would run again for President.

Clinton’s Woman’s Hour interview had been rescheduled from Monday when she broke a toe and cancelled interviews to promote her book. After falling over and hurting her foot, Clinton paid tribute to Britain’s National Health Service, saying: “I’ve received excellent care from your excellent health service.”

By Benjamin Jenkins


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