Hilary Clinton Odds On Favourite To Become Next US President

Hilary Clinton is the odds on favourite to become the next US President, according to trading on Matchbook.

The chances of her being inaugurated as the 44th President of the US rose from 59 per cent to 64 per cent following a super ‘Super Tuesday’.

Meanwhile Donald Trump’s probability of securing the nomination has risen 1.5 percentage points, moving to 79.32 per cent from 77.84 per cent. However, having doubled his probability of becoming president in the last six weeks, the gains are slight for Trump in the Next President market following Super Tuesday increased only marginally from 25.57 per cent to 25.6 per cent.

“The insight to be taken from this data, is that our bettors believe the closer Trump comes to winning the Republican nomination, the better Clinton’s chances are for being President.” says Matchbook’s Head of Communications, Ian Noctor. “With more than £14m already matched on this election and eight months to go, the race to be the 44th US President has already passed out its 2012 counterpart in volume traded on the Matchbook exchange. There’s huge interest.”

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