Hilarious advert uses reverse psychology to get young people to vote

A hilarious new advert has been rolled out in the US encouraging young people to vote by using reverse psychology.

Although voter participation among the young has been going up in America just 50 per cent turned out in the last election, with those who did cast a vote overwhelmingly backing a Democratic candidate over the Republicans.

Donald Trump only garnered the support of 37 percent of the millennial electorate in 2016. Comparatively, in 2012, young adults voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney by 60 percent to 37 percent.

Ahead of the US midterms in November campaign group Knock The Vote has released a hilarious video that uses reverse psychology to encourage young people to vote.

The video features a series of older people asking the young not to vote, making the case that things are alright as they are for them.

One says: “Tax cuts for the rich, hell yeah! I’m rich as fuck”.

While another says: “Climate change. That’s a you problem. I’ll be dead soon”.

Watch the video in full below:


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