Heathrow: Over 40,000 Noise Complaints Made by Same 10 People

Almost half of the 87,201 noise complaints made about Heathrow Airport over the last year were made by the same ten people, according to official statistics.

The airport received an average of 274 complaints a day between the start of July and end of September, but just ten people made 48.86 per cent of those.

Heathrow told Telegraph Travel that the figures reveal that on average those ten people made a complaint every 90 minutes, although there were many more people who were just as fanatical about the noise.

Residents in Slough, to the west of the airport, made the most (3,944) – but from only 22 people. That amounts to 179 complaints per person over the summer – just under two a day on average.

It is thought campaigners are using automated software to generate complaints against the airport. The scheme was caught out when two anti-Heathrow enthusiasts forgot to take into account the hour going back in October, and began complaining about flights that had not yet taken off or arrived.

Which Boroughs Are Complaining the Most?

Richmond upon Thames
Windsor & Maidenhead
Bracknell Forest
Surrey Heath

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