Hate crime rise predicted when Article 50 is eventually triggered

After the vote to leave the EU there was a recorded rise in hate crimes, which culminated in the murder of a Polish man in Harlow, Essex.

It is now feared that there will be another spike in similar attacks when Theresa May triggers Article 50 and beings the two-year process to leave the EU.

The warning has come from the equality and human rights commission. Their chairman, David Isaac, told the Commons Women and Equalities committee he is “hugely concerned,” that this part of the Brexit process will see a resurgence in attacks on EU citizens living in the UK.

Isaac said he had met with the Polish ambassador to the UK “because of the large number of attacks against the Polish community.”

Ms May has stated she wants to see Article 50 triggered by the end of March.

This week she outlined her 12 objectives for Brexit which included continued cooperation with EU countries on crime, as well as anti-terror and defence policy.

May has said that Brexit will see the UK leaving the single market and the customs union, which she has dubbed a “frictionless Brexit.” She came under fire from Jeremy Corbyn during Wednesday’s PMQs for refusing to allow Parliament to vote on Brexit during the entire process, rather than one vote at the end.

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  1. Jonathan da Silva

    Reported Hate Crime?

    Define Hate Crime? Insults? Actual assaults?

    Rise from almost none to very little? The best being the one about 265 Hate crimes after dickhead Trump’s win or less than 1 in a million people but people actually tweeted it like it was meaningful.

    This stoking snowflakes up actually works against the interests and feeds right wing narrative. This non specific labelling and whining at what could be more reports of little more than rude arseholes is not a way forward?

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