Hammond refuses to endorse May days before Tory party conference

Chancellor Philip Hammond repeatedly refused to endorse Theresa May as the Conservative leader that will take the party into the next election just days before the Conservative Party Conference gets underway.

Speculation over Ms May’s future is rife in the run-up to the conference after reports emerged that 30 Tory MPs are willing to sign a letter challenging her leadership.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also spoke defiantly about Brexit in a Telegraph column in a clear snub of the PM.

During a trip to Scotland, Mr Hammond declined to say Ms May is the “optimum” individual to lead the Conservatives into the 2022 election despite being asked four times, the Independent has reported.

He said: “Well I am not going to get involved in the discussion about future Conservative party leadership politics.

“Theresa May has made it very clear that she has a job to do, I am completely behind her in doing that job.”


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