Grimsby seeks “Brexit exemption” for port industry despite voting 70% OUT

The port town of Grimsby is seeking Brexit exemption for its seafood industry, despite voting overwhelmingly to leave the European Union in the referendum.

MPs were this week told that seafood should be given special free trade status after Brexit to ensure Grimsby’s industry is not damaged.

Key figures from the industry descended on Westminster to provide the Government with their vision for leaving the EU, outlining how they might tackle several challenges posed by a hard Brexit.

But the industry spokespeople may be hoisted by its own workforce – as the town voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU in the referendum in 2016.

North East Lincolnshire gave Leave a victory of 70 per cent to 30 per cent, with almost 80,000 people casting their vote.

Martin Vickers, MP for nearby Cleethorpes and a strong Leave campaigner, said at the time that the result is “a very clear and decisive result from the people of North East Lincolnshire” who voted because “membership of the EU has not served this area well.”

Fast forward a year and Simon Dwyer, a spokesman for cluster group Seafood Grimsby & Humber, is now calling on the Government to look at bestowing free trade status on the ports of Immingham and Grimsby in relation to seafood.

According to a report in the Grimsby Telegraph, it “would mean those ports having the privilege of not putting import taxes or duties on seafood,” which is a threat of a hard-hitting EU breakup.

The narrative in Lincolnshire, as in many other regions, seems to be “be careful what you wish for”.


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15 Responses

    1. Doug b

      Had we not been lied to in 1973 to ensure a yes vote to join the evil empire, Grimsby and the fishing industry would be booming. From one of our BIGGEST employers at its peak pre 1973 with over 750K direct and indirectly working in it to less than 50k today. That’s the EU effect for you. It can be reversed and should be once we are out.

      1. jmdesp

        Things have changed since 1973, everywhere, so outside of the EU just the same. Japan has never joined the EU or anything like it, and it’s current fishing industry is but a very small part of what it was in 1973. Overfishing has destroyed most of the fishing stock of the seas and being outside of EU would just have meant more of it. It’s now much harder and much more expensive to fish than it was then, so there’s no way Grimsby could still have the same fishing industry today than it had, and it’s got nothing to see with EU.
        Actually being outside EU will mean being smaller and have a much harder time to negotiate international agreements for fishing rights, so hurt the industry even more.

      2. stelsewhere

        You’re a MORON .. The collapse of the fishing industry has NOTHING to do with any kind of politics
        The Fishing Industry has been decimated by OVER FISHING you clown.. That’s why fishing quotas had to be introduced and are still in use ..It doesn’t matter if Brexit actually happens quotas will still have to be used .. MORON 🙁

  1. Florian

    Oh, I’m sure you wishes shall duly be considered. Just do us the favour and get the bits and bobs sorted , the bill, the border and the bloody foreigner rights, will you?

  2. Rich

    Grimsby fishermen… the tip of the iceberg… all trades will be applying for special exemptions as the economy hits the rocks and people realise the true consequences of what they’ve sown… we can still stop this brexit farce …

  3. Des Lloyd

    If there are job losses and people lose their homes, then tough. I have no sympathy. You were told of the consequences and you said they were scare stories. Well they weren’t.

  4. Rob Downing

    How many craft from Grimsby sailed up the Thames with Messiah Farage?
    It is the will of the people and that of 70% of you region.
    Brexiters want everyone else to suffer from their stupidity go whistle!
    Hopefully Grimsby and its people will remain economically stable as the only way that will happen is if we remain in the EU.

  5. How easy it was to whip people into a hateful frenzy and demand to be rid of this EU.There is always a problem when people don’t read what is available and make decisions based on ignorance and bigotry.
    Here in Scotland we knew better than to follow a rabble rouser aye RABBLE not a rebel who will make a great deal of money from the UK leaving the EU,look the ones that got fame adulation and lots of media cover.They were feted and treated as folk that knew what they were talking about,but we here in Scotland knew much better because we have awakened to start to see what is happening with politics and how people are easily moved to follow fools because they wont seek out the proper answers to the proper questions.Some are so stupid that they wont change their minds because they made the decision and right or wrong they will stand by their original vote too stupid ,in my opinion,to take the chance to rectify the wrong they were coaxed into making,fools led by donkeys or sheeple maybe?

  6. Steve

    The headline is mis-leading. Its not that Grimsby wants a Brexit exemption, it is spokespeople from Grimsby’s industry that want the exemption, in other words the bosses of seafood companies. How many people from and representative of Grimsby still want to leave the eu? Still 70%

  7. Tina M

    Why should one industry get special status when others don’t? Brexit is hurting many different groups of workers. I don’t want our ports to suffer, so the answer is to petition your MPs to not go forward with Brexit until agreeable trade deals are in place. Unfortunately, due to the incompetence of our government we could see the negotiation time elapse anyway. The “out” voters hurt everyone but want their little worlds saved. That’s not how it works.

  8. Peter D

    You won, “Get over it”! … You voted to destroy your industry, “Get over it”! … You believed a load of lies rather than investigate the facts, “Get over it”! You have deliberately destroyed your grandchildren’s future,… I wonder if they will ever “Get over it”?

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