These graphs show how US millennials have been screwed in every conceivable way

Millennials in the US have it worse than previous generations on almost every conceivable metric, according to new statistics.

Measured on wealth, debt, student loans, home ownership and inheritance members of Generation Y come off worse than the Baby Boomers and other ages that precede them.

The statistics, compiled by Credit Suisse, found that wealth per adult was woefully low for younger generations while student debt is among the highest for this cohort.

House ownership was also depressingly low for younger generations, marking stark parallels with the UK.

A new book has recently been released that claims to prep Generation Y on how to thrive in a world screwed up by Baby Boomers.

Lucy’s Cohen’s ‘The Millennial Renaissance lays out an actionable, profitable plan for surviving the tough world Millennials have inherited from their parents.


New book preps Generation Y to thrive in a world screwed up by Baby Boomers

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