This is the graph that shows Labour could win this General Election

Two weeks ago we published a story highlighting one starting fact: If 30 per cent more people under 25 vote, the Tories could lose the election.

New data on voting trends had come to light suggesting that a mass mobilisation of young voters could swing the election, with a mega-poll of nearly 13,000 voters by YouGov revealing that Jeremy Corbyn would be heading to Downing Street were the election decided by 18-40 year olds.

If only students voted, Labour would have an overwhelming majority with 55 per cent of the vote.

Well, the story (which was shared over 50,000 times) seemingly struck a chord.

More than 714,000 younger voters have registered since the snap election was called by Theresa May in April, with new figures showing that under 25s have sent off nearly 16,000 more applications than any other age group – roughly a third of the 150,000 who registered on the day the election was called.

In 2015, 43 per cent of 18-25 year olds voted Labour, and 55 per cent of those registered in the 2017 General Election intend to vote Labour. Of those polled 69 per cent said they “like” or “strongly like” Jeremy Corbyn, bucking the national trend.

Labour are solidly ahead of the Conservatives with the under 40 demographic and students, which shows a big swing could be in the offing come June 8th.

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  1. Dave Bell

    Once you have applied to register, in whatever age group, then you don’t ever need to register again. So anyone registering aged under 25 will never ever show up again in their lifetime. Obviously the registrations by age group will show a downward trend for each older age group. Your ‘surge’ is hardly a surge, just a normal number registering as they come of age to vote. If you can’t understand this …. it needs a brain … you’d better not vote.

    1. christybelle

      You have to register again if you move house and young people no longer appear on the register automatically when they turn 18 as they used to if they (or their parents) had registered their details while 16 or 17 years old. These are the changes the Tories brought in which saw tens of thousands wiped off the register overnight.

    2. David Britten

      Sorry chum, but you are so wrong. I have been registered at the same address for 5 years, but have had to register 3 times. I have seen notifications that it is now necessary to re-register every 12 months, and it is is also now necessary for every individual of voting age in a household to register, and young people will need to re-register when they leave their parent’s house. So not quite as you suggest, brain or no brain….

  2. Dave Bell – people have to register every time they move house, and young people move house a lot.

    500,000 more under 35s registered to vote before this election than in the same period in 2015, or one third more than in 2015. That’s significant.

  3. Redfishuk

    Some thoughts

    1. They need to vote. The election is during g University exam period. Many previously registered student voters will be registered at their family home….will they make the journey back to vote??

    2. Even 500k isn’t enough to bridge the gap between 2015 Tory and Labour votes. So need a massive turnout from previously registered 18 – 40 voters
    3. In effect only those in marginals count those registered at Uni are probably in Labour seats and many registered at home may be in safe Tory seats

    But fingers X

  4. Nicholas Elmslie

    Don’t you just love it when someone uses the “if you have a brain” line when they have just posted something moronic?

  5. Michael Gove

    Don’t forget the Tories have 4 million kippers votes, the best bet for Labour would be a no show by stay at home uninspired / over confident Tories.

  6. belle wrap

    Don’t forget the Tories have 4 million kippers votes, the best bet for Labour would be a no show by stay at home uninspired / over confident Tories.

  7. Nick

    Name a successful Socialist country, the answer is there has never been one and the poor are really poor, the rich have left so there is no one to pay the bills. Vote Labour get real poverty.

  8. Abel Kotze

    Every nutter here is arguing about ‘registration’ and no-one i commenting on the fact that Labour will walk it! Tory May made 2 major mistakes that will cost her dearly: Calling snap elections and the Manchester false flag attack. Apartheid South Africa tried the same tricks before every election and it worked. However, times have changed and the MSM are no longer in charge of programming us!

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