These are the governments that submit the most content removal requests to Twitter

Turkey has submitted almost 2,000 content removal requests to Twitter this year according to The Spectator Index.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been heavily criticised on the global stage for censoring the media in his country.

The 2016–17 purges in Turkey brought about in reaction to the failed coup d’état have resulted in many journalists being locked up and several news outlets being shut down.

Last year the president shut down an unprecedented number of television channels, radio stations and daily newspapers.

And according to Twitter data the country’s censorship doesn’t end there.

Turkey topped a list of Twitter content removal requests by government in 2017, ahead of Russia in second place, which has submitted 1,213 requests.

Although the list doesn’t include countries where the social platform isn’t allowed to operate such as China and North Korea, it does give an indication of government’s approach to monitoring social media.

Here’s the list in full:


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