Government votes that “animals can’t feel pain or emotions”

Prominent wildlife photographer Richard Bowler says the government’s vote to reject the inclusion of animal sentience in the European Union Withdrawal Bill is a vote to say animals can no longer feel pain or emotions.

The move to reject sentience in the bill has been largely under-reported in the mainstream media despite Michael Gove facing criticism over his high animal welfare pledge.

Eighty per cent of current animal welfare legislation comes from the EU, but after March 2019, European law will no longer apply in the UK.

While most EU law relating to animals will be automatically brought over into UK law, this will not apply to the recognition of sentience.

Under EU law, animals are currently recognised as being capable of feeling pain and emotion. But MPs have this week voted to drop the inclusion of animal sentience into the Withdrawal Bill.

In a Facebook post, which has already been shared hundreds of times, Bowler says: “MP’s have voted and in their wisdom, animals can no longer feel pain or emotions.

“It really beggars belief that in this day and age, this shower of a government no longer recognises animals as sentient beings. None of them could have had a pet dog, greet them when they come home.

“But it’s not just domestic animals that show love and affection.”

Bowler posted this photo of a fox in a heartfelt plea to his Facebook audience:

So MP's have voted and in their wisdom, animals can no longer feel pain or emotions. It really beggars belief that in…

Posted by Richard Bowler Wildlife Photography on Thursday, 16 November 2017

He continued:

“The photograph shows Rosie and how she greets me, every time I visit her. Are you telling me there’s no emotion there, what you can’t see is the wagging tale and the squeals of excitement as well.

“All three foxes I care for have built a bond with Maddy our terrier, she is greeted in exactly the same way. It’s not hard to imagine that if bonds like this can be formed inter species, that the same bonds can be formed between a dog fox and a vixen and their cubs.

“In fact so called pest controllers use this to their advantage, after shooting the vixen they will often wait, knowing the dog fox will show up, to mourn if you like. Anyone who’s seen elephant documentaries when families visit the bones of their dead can not fail to see that there are emotions going on there.

“Science is showing more and more animal intelligence and emotions and yet our government has yet again ignored it. There can only be one reason to deny animal sentient status, and that is to exploit them.”

One of the arguments put forward by the Government during the debate was that animal sentience is covered by the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

The RSPCA, however, said this is not the case; the term sentience or sentient being doesn’t appear once in that Act, and, the animal welfare charity said, doesn’t cover all animals.


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69 Responses

  1. Joe's girl

    Well they HAVE to vote that way. If they did not, they could not allow un-stunned slaughter – for example – and they MUST allow that. Too many people to appease, Those from foreign cultures; wealthy mates who help fill their coffers and who who go hunting/cubbing, shooting etc. Degenerate scum, the lost of them.

    1. all animals have a nervous system,a brain,can feel hunger,fear and pain. These idiots who sanction this obviously have a deformed Pineal Gland that allows one to feel empathy. I suppose Dr Mengele thought Jews did not feel pain and so you could experiment on them. This is the 21st centuary not the dark ages Be BLOODY ASHAMED of this idiotic sentance

      1. rocco frangione

        put these gov’t idiots under the watchful eye of dr. mengele in nazi wartime & let’s see if these gov’t idiots feel no pain

    2. Vanessa sumner

      Its the MPs who have no feelings of emotions.they are a bunch of overpaid morons.they are void of any feelings of compassion for human beings so this doesn’t surprise me at all

    3. Lesley George

      You really need to change your minds on this decision! Of course all animals feel pain, they are flesh and blood! Get on with the matter in hand and get us out of Europe! And, don’t give them a penny! Close our borders and bl**dy well get on with it!

  2. Zuza

    This is absolutely outrageous and has no merit or scientific evidence. It is simply a sad attempt to legalize abuse. I am appalled at such backward thinking that will hurt so many harmless animals. Please let us know what we can do to stop this ridiculous change.

    1. Kat

      Yes my question also.. Is this real? Very hard to believe this level of ignorance exsists and is sanctioned by government. Where will it all end?

  3. joe

    well if Gove would like to participate in the experiment we shall see if an animal feels pain when i kick that twat between the legs and if he sqeels then we know that animals feel pain!

  4. me me

    Anyone with a mere molecule of a brain cell knows this is utter bull bunch of morons. So vets won’t be administering pain medications anymore then LOL

    This is being said so they can hurt animals in any way they please and get away with it

  5. Shirley

    I say name the mps who said animals cannot feel emotion of any kind, then we will understand which mp is emotionally dead from the neck up. Really

  6. Sue,Soweee

    Ha ha how absolutely absurd,if they trod on a dogs foot and he ,she yelped what does that tell you.stupid idiots it just goes to show what sort of people are running the country.Complete and utter DICK SPRINGS TO MIND.CANNOT BELIEVE THEY THINK THIS.Pathetic excuse for a human being.good god I cannot believe this at all !!!!!!

  7. Jennifer Garlick

    They’ve done this to get the hunting ban lifted, it’s their argument to justify the ripping apart beautiful foxes for their enjoyment! They’re all a bunch of TWATS! We can still get this bill overturned the point is we have to actually do something not sit on our rears moaning about them. Sign petitions, they do make a difference.

  8. grimarthar

    I claim Such people must have no feelings and cannot think or feel pain. such people have no consciousness. and be nothing more than stock.” Arrogant violent criminal Psychopaths
    “People must have renounced, it seems to me, all natural intelligence to dare to advance that animals are but animated machines….. It appears to me, besides, that [such people] can never have observed with attention the character of animals, not to have distinguished among them the different voices of need, of suffering, of joy, of pain, of love, of anger, and of all their affections. It would be very strange that they should express so well what they could not feel.” Voltaire

  9. How disgraceful saying animals do not have emotions ,those who say it would have their own devious agenda ,they are only making fools of themselves by saying that ,animals have more feelings than some despicable humans.

  10. joan maricola

    animals have feeling when cecil die his brother kept going back to the place he die and his brother ROARed it was upsetting to see i love all animals they have feelings like china kill our dogs the pain in their eyes i had my pc voice little to high my animals her the other ones on my pc cry out when that guy was cutting into the dog alive and my dogs acted on it animals are smart

  11. Linda

    Beggars belief. No wonder this country is going to rack and ruin with idiots like that in charge of us all. Never heard anything so bonkers and unintelligent in my life. He ought to have been there in the car when my dog’s tail got caught in the door. The screaming from the dog was horrendous. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer for long and it was released instantly but we showered him with affection and love and he recovered from the ordeal.

  12. Sara Carroll

    These ‘people’s demonstrate time and again they are not fit to work.
    Not fit to govern anybody. Not the people nor the planet.
    What a crass announcement. Beyond stupid and shows how backward that are.
    Unfit to be representing anyone. Best get down the job centre. Oh but they’ll tell them they are fit to work.
    And that Ill
    and disabled are not sentient either.
    Bless the animals because their existence alongside humans is a living hell.

  13. Patricia Bradley

    How scary these people are holding important positions running our country, they are morans who are using their positions to promote cruelty absolutely barbaric, but then it’s jobs for the boys , I wonder what they are getting out of this. Sack them all, see if they have any emotions it certainly doesn’t appear so.

  14. Julia

    Ofcourse animals can feel pain and emotions get a bleeding life a fox is hunted down by the hounds and savagely killed maybe we should try it on the politicians and see how they like.

  15. Roberto

    Absolutely appalling, of course animals are sentient, just as much as humans, but really, what could one expect from a load of degenerates that make up the MPs ? And kick that nasty, lying MSM where it hurts; stop buying their trashy, “news”papers or clicking online to there websites. Most of the stories are made up anyway and yes, owned by a motley crew with personal agendas.

  16. Suella Postles

    So shocking! But I understand certain religions don’t believe that animals have souls so we can teat them as we please. Is Gove really implicated in this???

  17. Michael Goves half dead brain cell

    This is ridiculous, we all know the government is run by fucking idiots. But, this is a whole new level of idiocy. Humans are animals, lets push Michael Gove off a bridge and see what happens? Deal.

  18. Trish

    It’s pretty obvious that someone has got the story confused,,,, and it’s obvious cos most politicians don’t feel pain…..they won’t have a heart pumping their blood round the body, they have no sensors whatsoever. I think some brave person, that can run fast, can prove this…….

  19. Cazza

    How depressing that the Government do not see it in their interest to recognise that animals are sentient beings. It will be interesting to see who voted this clause out. I think come the next election, it is time to vote out those who are simply unkind, there just for their own gratification and who are not fit to make right decisions for our world and all the creatures in it.

  20. Carola

    If you don’t already know, the Catholic Church regards animals as “things” because in its moral teachings, animals are not persons–entitled to no dignity, no respect, no concern whatsoever. Their lives are worthless.
    Apparently the government is in agreement with the Vatican on this point. The government is doing this for economic expediency, while the Vatican upholds its devaluation of animals on the grounds that the human person is a divinity to be worshiped, and animals are not to be “elevated” as equals.

  21. terri

    The Lunatic ” government body” who have made this Uneducated,evil,psychotic,mandate,makes me ill ! I am so appreciative for that news article. I have not had the last word on this. This comment may seem radicle,here goes……There is more than one form of
    Murder,and terrorism !
    I am neyond sad and disgusted,Animals bring joy to millions every day.
    They are gutless ( non ) humans

  22. Lori Klugman

    All animals feel pain and emotion. Watch pet dogs or cats, or videos – happy videos or videos of abuse. What a sad, ludicrous ruling.

  23. David

    The French still force-feed geese, the Spanish have bullfighting, and most allow halal slaughter. Denmark is the only EU country that has ordered that all food animals must be stunned before being killed.

  24. MARTA Falco Ainley

    The Tory government do not care about any beings pain. removing benefits from very ill people. allowing live exports , allowing fox, stag and hare killing. allowing a beagle breeding for labs to be sent anywhere in the world for experimental works, to be allowed to expand in yorkshire, cattle to be killed by slitting their throats aetc., etc.,its clear to me that they care nothing for the above and they support all of the above.

    1. Helena

      It is truly an abhorrent, sick mind that can vote to allow massive cruelty to any living being, but we all know that these tories have absolutely no care for anything, or anyone other than themselves. Perhaps they should test their idea that sentient beings feeling no pain for themselves, after all, they are also animals in fact, and I mean that in the worst way possible, no offence to the actual animal world where those sentient, beautiful beings have more humanity and emotion than any tory. Anyone who voted for Brexit, hopefully doesn’t have a pet, because they were idiots to believe that an isolated, backward, tory led for the foreseeable future UKok, would protect them, their jobs, rights of even their pets’ lives!

  25. Jennifer Mccrory

    This is totally unacceptable animals CAN feel pain and emotion judt like we can if not more!!

    I’m beside myself with anger and disgust.

  26. Cynthia Uhrich

    What in the hell is wrong with people? ANYONE who has spent any time around an animal knows that they feel emotions and pain!! What the hell???? This is such a load of crap. Who is getting rich of this decision? Shame on you–you are a disgrace to humanity.

  27. S.V.

    People that think animals have no feelings are ignorants.These people lack empathy,logic,they don`t know anything about what life is and they lack many qualities that makes us humans and helps us evolve.These people are the real reason humanity and Earth is living in ignorance.

  28. miss Evelyn Taylor

    Well here we go again, the rich and wealthy get there own way again in comes fox hunting and the slaughter of our wildlife again just to entertain the sick mind’s of the rich and famous let’s hope karma comes quickly to them, the animals they kill have got more feelings than they have the heartless b…..ds ,god knows what’s going to happen to this country!

  29. Nolene Wimmer

    They are such a joke. They look like idiots and act like idiots. I cannot wait to make the break with England, they are so different, we fight to the end, never give up. We do not let some measly mouths who claim to be the gentry, I hate that word. You who have any gumption at all fight them with all you have, after all they are representing you and you are paying them.

  30. GW

    This the most stupid collection of people collectively called a government that this country has ever had. The PM downwards! They will never see a ruling situation for years, and just as well. JB is equally useless, but he needs to try

  31. ellie

    How many people protesting that animals can suffer and feel pain still eat meat and dairy on a daily basis?! How can you pay people to torture and kill innocent creatures and then argue that they are sentient beings and should be treated humanely. Factory farming is a complete disgrace and if you know this and still eat meat then you support this evil industry. It’s so hypocritical! Shameful

  32. Julie Robinson

    I think, technically, it was the parliament rather than the government that voted against the proposed amendment by Caroline Lucas.

  33. Kevin McCarthy

    WOW I am amazed that people actually equate this to what happened to the jewish population in the war,, that is very very sick, animal welfare is one thing but to draw a comparison shows how sick some people are.

  34. olivia

    Unbelievable that the government can do this. it must be them, the humans who govern us that are without feelings. what can we do to stop them ?

  35. Rita Hudd

    All animals feel pain and emotions as do humans. These totally unseeing, unfeeling, ignorant politicians evidently have never given time or affection to any animal, or experienced the joy an animal gives in return. It’s high time humankind learned to treat animals, from ants to whales, more kindly, rather than dispensable commodities. We cannot exist without them.

  36. Alexandria Walker

    Are you arrogant, ignorant, vile, evil, heinous, depraved, despicable, heartless, emotionless, inhuman, inhumane, barbaric, primitive savages, “people” that unevolved?
    Shame on you! Just shame on you “people” like you just sicken the world.
    Whose got you morons in their pockets? Bought and paid for the pack of you! The lot of you belong in Hell!
    If there is a hell, it is right here on earth, where animals are the damned and humans their demons.

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