Government Plane a ‘Two Fingers’ to Doctors says PM

By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent 

British Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed that the new government jet was purchased “just to piss junior doctors off”.

The news broke after junior doctors voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action due to ‘unsafe contracts’.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt stated that the doctors’ decision was “very, very disappointing” as he boarded the new A330 wearing a beachcomber hat and Hawaiian shirt.

He added that he “put forward a very fair offer for doctors” and that “we wanted to talk about this to them” in between sips of a cuba libre, but was unable to elaborate after the media briefing was cut short by bronzed dancers wearing coconut bras.

The cost of re-fitting the RAF Voyager is estimated to be around £10 million, which comes as a timely boot in the teeth for tired and overworked junior doctors.

It has been reported that the new plane was commissioned after Cameron felt ‘a little cramped’ flying chartered to Malta, where he felt ‘slightly drowsy’ on arrival.

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