“Government continues to deny link between rise in serious crime & cuts to police officer numbers”

A senior Labour figure has slammed the government over new crime figures that indicate a worrying increase in murder and robberies.

The number of police in England and Wales hits new record low and ratio of solved crimes drops

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that “after falling in recent decades, the overall level of crime is now stabilising”.

In the year to March, homicides recorded by police rose by 12 per cent, knife crime offences were up by 16 per cent and robbery increased by 30 per cent.

Katrina Makunova, 17, was named as the latest victim of the violent crime spree in London. She was fatally knifed in Camberwell, South East London a week ago.

A total of over 40,000 knife offences was the highest number since 2010/11.

Diane Abbott MP, the shadow home secretary, said: “With violent crime increasing and detection rates falling so fast, it’s clear the police desperately need our support.

“But this Tory government has broken its promise to protect funding, with police funding cut in real terms and fewer police officers on our streets.

“While the government continues to deny any link between the rise in serious crime and the cuts to police officer numbers, today we see what an appalling and traumatic impact Theresa May’s decisions have had on our society.”


“The blood of these young people on her hands” – Former police officer’s jaw-dropping response to the spike in young violent crime needs to be seen:

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