Giant penis protest greets Donald Trump arrival at Stansted Airport for UK state visit.

President Donald Trump has landed at Stansted Airport in Essex for a controversial three day state visit with first lady Melania Trump.

Before Air Force One even touched down, the President of the United States faced a protest against his reckless policy on climate change.

An environmental protestor mowed a giant penis into a field near the airport.

The image, which is accompanied by the message “Oi Trump” was left by 18-year old student, environmentalist and entrepreneur Ollie Nancarrow, mowed the rude protest in a field at his parents’ home in Hatfield Heath.

“Guess who’s been busy today mowing a stiff message for Trump under the Stansted flightpath…” the protestor tweeted.

(c) Ollie Nancarrow / Twitter

He also wrote ‘CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL’ with a giant image of a polar bear in a nearby field.

“Please share and let’s see how far we can spread the welcome!” the prankster tweeted.

Donald and Melania Trump last met the Queen on a visit to the UK in July 2018 amid large public protests.

As well as visiting the Queen who hosts state visits, Donald Trump is set to meet the Prime Minister at Chequers and travel to his Turnberry Golf Course in Scotland.

Trump’s visit last year was greeted by hundreds of thousands of protestors in London – as well as a giant inflatable baby Trump blimp – , demonstrations in Edinburgh and interrupting a round of golf at his Turnberry resort.

The controversial president has already engaged in a Twitter war of words with teh London Mayor who has given permission for the Trump blimp – his giant inflatable likeness as a baby to fly over teh capital again.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council estimated that 10,000 police officers were mobilised for the visit and the operation cost nearly £18 million.

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow had insisted at the time that he would be “strongly opposed” Trump addressing the Houses of Parliament during a state visit, and other MPs criticised the President’s racist platform.

This will be the Queen’s 110th state visit. They usually include a state banquet, and can include a procession on the mall with the sort of golden carriage that Trump would approve of, and sometimes a speech to parliament, though the speaker can veto this.

A spokesperson for the Speaker’s Office said a request to address Parliament would be “considered in the usual way”, but did not say whether a request had yet been received.

A Facebook page planning protests to Trump’s visit, promises:

“Last year, a quarter of a million mobilised to say no to Trump’s politics of hate and division. This time, we will take to the streets in even bigger numbers – to fight for migrant and refugee rights, for women’s rights, against the corporate elites and for the future of our planet.

“This demonstration isn’t just about Trump as one man. He is a symbol of the new far right, a politics of islamophobia and anti-semitism, of war and conflict, and walls and fences that are growing around the world.”

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