George Clooney the latest celeb name touted for Democrat nomination for the 2020 election

A sharp rise in the number of bets placed on George Clooney becoming the 46th President of the United States of America has been reported by bookmakers.

The Hollywood A-lister is now just 20/1 (from 50/1) to win the Democrat nomination for the 2020 election, with the leading online bookmaker accepting a surge of bets following Clooney’s reported donation to the gun-rights march being held next month.

Clooney’s odds of replacing Donald Trump as the States’ next leader have also plummeted from 100/1 to 50/1, not much bigger than the 25/1 initially offered in 2015 on Trump winning the last election.

Betway’s Alan Alger, said: “The big news from our political betting offices is that bets are flying in for George Clooney to run for President!

“A recent and considerable donation to next month’s gun-rights march has triggered speculation of the actor running for the Whitehouse and we’ve had to cut his odds of both winning the Democrat nominee to 20/1 and he’s now 50/1 from 100/1 to be the 46th President.”

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Democrat Nominee 2020:

Kamala Harris 11/2
Elizabeth Warren 6/1
Bernie Sanders 10/1
Kristen Gillibrand 10/1
Cory Booker 12/1
Amy Klobuchar 14/1
Mark Zuckerberg 14/1
Michelle Obama 14/1
Andrew Cuomo 16/1
George Clooney 20/1
Hillary Clinton 20/1
Oprah Winfrey 20/1
Tim Kaine 20/1
BAR 25/1

US Presidential Election 2020 Winner:

Donald Trump 2/1
Oprah Winfrey 8/1
Elizabeth Warren 9/1
Mike Pence 10/1


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