Funds Set Up Offering £25 To Help People Vote For Corbyn

Several new funds have been set up offering to pay the £25 charge in exchange for a vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the upcoming Labour elections.

Political commentator Guido Fawkes revealed that the groups have been set up just days after Labour shut down a Just Giving page doing the same thing.

One private Facebook group named “Gimme 25” has amassed almost 3,000 members, and its intentions over how people should vote are pretty clear from the statement below:

“Sometimes if you just had £25 to help towards something important it would make all the difference. There are many people who could probably spare £25 for someone who needs it much more than they do. This group is about bringing those categories of people together. Don’t think of it as begging, just think of it as direct socialism”

A second group named the “Hardship fund” claims to have raised almost £10,000!

Labour supporters have also spoken out about unsolicited phone calls directing them to the Facebook groups offering to pay the £25 charge. One Labour supporter says:

“Just got off the phone to a dude who offered to pay me 25 quid so I can go vote for Corbyn. He definitely got my number via ‘Momentum’, but it seems like a personal mobile. He suggested a few pages that are unofficially paying for peoples memberships, when I said I didn’t have the money.”

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