Fresh embarrassment for Boris Johnson in wake of water cannon scandal

As if Boris Johnson’s reputation couldn’t take more of a hiding, fresh after the revelations that the water cannons he was warned were a waste of time as London Mayor lost £300k, it emerges that having resigned from the cabinet he is coining it in, paid £90k for two-hour speech to a hedge fund.

Boris Johnson was paid a huge £90k for around two hours work on a speech, far exceeding his annual salary.

The fee, listed in parliament’s register of members’ financial interests, was £94,507 in total. He was paid by New York-based GoldenTree Asset Management for a “speaking engagement” on 8 November. Travel and accommodation were also provided.

He also takes in over £22k a month for his column in the Daily Telegraph.

This information has emerged at the same time his water cannons, he acquired during his time at Mayor of London, are to be moved on at a loss over over £300k. Sadiq Kahn, said that the water cannon vehicles had been sold to a firm that will dismantle them and export the costs.

The register also shows that in September and October of 2018, Johnson received over £9,000 for royalties on books already written, alongside a one-off fee of £2,000 for an peice in the Daily Mail.  

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