French MEP launches initiative to reward sustainable mobility start-ups and she wants UK businesses to take part

Karima Delli, MEP and Chair of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee, today launched the European Start-up Prize for Mobility and is encouraging UK businesses to enter.

The new initiative, devised by Karima Deli, Boston Consulting Group and VIA ID, aims to recognise sustainably-minded start-ups who deal with issues affecting the transportation of goods and people – like noise and air-pollution and traffic problems.

Karima Delli, Chair of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee, commented:

“In order for the energy transition to take place and for a new approach to mobility to emerge, we need to bring together all public and private mobility stakeholders around a pan-European project”,

She added: “Because if Europe has the power to facilitate and promote a new culture of mobility, technological innovation will be driven by start-ups with the help of economic players in the sector”.

The award is open for one month from now (closing on 8 January 2018) to start-ups making in difference in the mobility sector, which includes anything from couriers and food delivery services to ride sharing.

British start-ups have the chance to win tailor-made support from European business leaders, decision makers and investors. The top ten finalists will be taken on a European tour to meet with public and private decision makers, investors and experts from local eco-systems.

UK startups can apply here.


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