Frankensigh: How many Sun journalists does it take to read a book?

Two Sun Online journalists have sent Twitter into hysterics after they tried to out two students for correctly surmising the moral of Frankenstein.

Reporters from the beleaguered red top were scraping the barrel yesterday as they took aim at “generation snowflake” for sympathising with Mary Shelley’s monster.

The headline sensationally reported that the fragile academics feel the “monster was ‘misunderstood’ — and is in fact a VICTIM” – even though that is literally the story of the book.

TLE Film critic Linda Marric pointed out the error, and it has since gone viral on Twitter.

Many have questioned whether the two authors of the piece have actually ever read the book.

Based intros like this – “SNOWFLAKE students claim Frankenstein’s monster was a misunderstood victim with feelings” – one highly doubts it.


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