Fox News turns on Trump following “disgusting” Putin summit

Fox News looks to have turned its back on Donald Trump following his controversial summit with Vladimir Putin.

Several of its high-profile journalists have criticised the President in a rare attack.

Fox Business’s Neil Cavuto labelled Trump’s refusal to challenge Mr Putin on Russian election meddling “disgusting” and said the president was “essentially letting the guy get away with this, not even offering a mild, a mild criticism”.

Trish Regan, also of Fox Business, branded the president’s appearance “unpatriotic”.

“He should have defended us,” she said on air.

The US president’s Helsinki summit with his Russian counterpart sparked criticism across the political spectrum, with Republican Senator John McCain calling it “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory”.

Fox News has been one of Trump’s biggest advocates during his time in power and in the run-up to the election, and this is one of the first times it has wavered from its vehemently pro-Trump rhetoric.

Shepard Smith, the Fox News anchor who has most often pushed back against the president, referred to comments by Mr McCain and former CIA Director John Brennan when he said: “Shameful, disgraceful, treasonous – three of the descriptions of what President Trump did today in Helsinki.”

Stuart Varney, a Fox News host who routinely promotes Mr Trump’s policies, criticised the president for what was “not a very forceful presentation”.

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