Former Olympian admits daubing insults in pig’s blood on walls of Tory peer after he had affair

A former Olympian showjumper sprayed ‘lady slut’ and ‘big dick lord’ in pig’s blood on the walls and floors of a Tory Lord’s apartment because he was seeing another woman.

Lizzie Purbrick, 63, also drew a three foot penis on the floor after discovering her lover Lord David Prior was sleeping with a woman married to another member of the House of Lords.

The scorned woman used several pints and a garden sprayer before leaving a cheque for £1,000 to Mr Prior labelled ‘payment for the bull’.

The damage was only discovered when alarmed neighbours spotted the blood seeping under the front door to the flat into the street.

Purbrick, admitted causing criminal damage at the 63-year-old’s south London flat at Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court today (tues).

The court heard she had been in a relationship with former MP and Tory peer Lord Prior for around two years, and both were estranged from their partners.

Prosecutor Alex Du Sautoy said: “The background of this offence is that Miss Purbrick is a former partner of the complainant David Prior.

“On Wednesday 9 May this year around 5.30pm Ms Purbrick attended Mr Prior’s apartment using a key she still had from the relationship.

“She had on her several pints of pigs blood that she had bought from a butcher and a garden sprayer.

“She used the blood to write on the walls and on the floor words and phrases – ‘whore’, ‘lady slut’, ‘big dick lord’ and ‘Mags wet between the legs’.

“She also drew a penis on the floor with blood.

“She also sprayed some blood on a suitcase and some bed linen. She left a cheque for £1,000 to Mr Prior labelled ‘payment for the bull’.

“She then dropped the remainder of the blood on the floor.”

The prosecutor said neighbours were alarmed when they saw red liquid spilling out from the front door out into the street and called the police.

Mr Du Sautoy said: “One of Mr Prior’s neighbours called the police and at 11pm Mr Prior returned to his apartment to see the blood in the apartment and on the floor.

“One of the neighbours saw someone enter the flat who they believed to be a male and loud music was playing and at 7.30pm noticed a red liquid that came from under the door onto the pavement.

“Police were called at 10.36pm.”

Simon Nicholls, defending, said the incident was ‘out of character’ for his client, who was left reeling when her two-year long relationship with Lord Prior came to an end.

He said. “That [relationship] finally comes to an end, to put this delicately, when she discovers him in the arms of another woman who is married to another member of the House of Lords.”

Mr Nicholls also said Purbrick’s brother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer at the time and had sadly ended his own life just three days ago.

He said: “The fact that at 63 she was an absolutely impeccable character with no antecedent history whatsoever, she goes to a police station and at the first opportunity admits immediately to police the damage that she had done.

“She has identified the relationship is over. The whole incident with the damage to the flat – she describes it in a way that was ‘cathartic’ and she has moved on.

“She is someone who had been emotionally vulnerable at a time when both the break up of a relationship which she thought had longevity and the unfortunate problem with her brother dying, she acted in the way she did.”

Purbrick, of Westacre, Kingsley, admitted one count of criminal damage.

The Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence for a charge of burglary with intent to do unlawful damage.

Purbrick will be sentenced later today after a meeting with probation.


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