Foreign Office denies they told Irish government to ignore whatever Boris Johnson has to say

Sky News claimed Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, was undermined by his officials, during a recent trip to Ireland.

Johnson met with Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney on 17 November, but it as been claimed his own officials told Dublin to “ignore the public utterances” of Johnson.

Sky News reported that Foreign Office staff informed Ireland’s Government “not to listen to whatever he has to say,”

However, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs “absolutely refutes” the story.

Brexit has raised the thorny issue of a possible land border between the Republic and Northern Ireland after the UK leaves the single market.

Mr Johnson spearheaded the Leave campaign and was tipped to become the next PM after David Cameron resigned, however his power grab was thwarted by his, supposed, ally Michael Gove

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: “We do not recognise this version of events and the claims made in the article are not supported by any sources from the Foreign Office – either on or off-the-record.”

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