Floods would have left HS2 ‘Submerged’ in Leeds

A map released by the Environment Agency during the recent floods in Leeds highlighting ‘severely affected’ areas runs an almost identical course to the proposed HS2 route, raising questions about the feasibility of the multi-billion pound project.

Phase 2 plans for the high speed railway follow parts of the Aire and Calder Navigation on approach to Leeds train station, but most of the proposed land for development was under water this weekend as the river overflowed.

Pictures from Woodlesford Lock show the submerged land which has been earmarked for development.

HS2 Leeds 2

HS2 Leeds 3

An Environment Agency map released this weekend shows vast swathes of purple ‘severe’ warnings in place around Woodlesford and the Rothwell Country Park moving towards Stourton.

Environment Agency

The proposed plans for the HS2 line to Leeds would see significant chunks left under water if it had been developed today.

HS2 Line

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  1. Dayle Lynch

    The line through Woodlesford is actually proposed to be on a viaduct of up to 15m high so wouldn’t have been ‘submerged’. However the route of the line is right across a major flood plain which has been like a lake recently. The river burst its banks on both sides, flowing not only onto the flood plain but also into the adjacent canal, which in turn overflowed into nearby streets and gardens. No homes were thankfully affected, however should HS2 go ahead then hundreds of thousands of tonnes of concrete poured into the flood plain will no doubt ensure a very different outcome for nearby houses. I would hope that HS2 Ltd now start to take seriously this impact, something residents have been telling them for the past 3 years!

  2. You never did any research, did you? If you had you’d have noticed the plans for Hs2 take the railway across the Aire valley flood plains on to viaducts – the longest of which would be 2335m…

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