Is this the first sign that Theresa May’s days are numbered?

After building an election campaign in her image the Conservatives have removed Theresa May’s image from the Conservative party website homepage for the first time since she became Prime Minister.

In a sign that the PM’s days may be numbered the Tories switched their focus from “team Theresa May” to one that completely rids them of the association altogether.

And it isn’t the first time her absence has been noted.

Raising the issue at the weekly session of Prime Minister’s Questions, the Labour MP Toby Perkins said: “Politicians are said to be here today and gone tomorrow, but whatever tomorrow may bring the Prime Minister isn’t even here today to mark the end of her first year in power.

“For the first time since she became Prime Minister, her image has now been removed from the front page of the Conservative party website.”

He continued: “Can the First Secretary tell us why she has gone from being the next Iron Lady to the lady vanishes?”


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