How your Smartphone could be your greatest Financial Tool

As our smartphones continue to get more sophisticated, so does the way we put them to use, they have become bespoke life tools and for many this includes using them to prosper. Making money using a smartphone is currently a hot topic online and throughout the wider media and so here we look at how your smartphone could be your greatest financial tool.


Online Trading Platforms

Trading stocks and shares on the world’s financial markets is exciting and can lead to huge monetary profits. The markets are no longer the playground of the big financial institutions or the super rich, they can now be accessed by anyone who has a smartphone.

Online trading platforms such as the ones offered by ETX Capital, have been around for some time now, they allow the user access to a wide range of financial markets and instruments. For those with a good understanding of how these markets work, trading them can be very profitable, it does, however, carry varying levels of risk.


Money Tracking Apps

There are a range of money tracking apps on the market and essentially they all do the same thing and that is give you an overview of your finances day to day. These apps link to your bank accounts, credit card accounts and then shows you a categorised breakdown of where and what you spend your money on. Some apps can even give you money saving tips.  Money tracking apps are not only a good way to manage and save money, they are a good time saver as well because all the information is in one place and there is no need to sign in and out of a multitude of apps to get the bigger picture.


eBay Empire

The eBay smartphone app is extremely good and makes selling stuff you no longer want really easy. Use your smartphone camera to take a photo and then just fill in a few details about the item and you’re away. You can receive emails to inform you of any activity on your account or just checking in every now and again for an update. It beats standing around for hours at a car boot sale!


Online Banking

Online banking apps have come on a long way and are now an essential part of everybody’s smartphone financial toolbox. They’re great for just checking you balance, but really come into their own when you need to quickly transfer some money from one account to another or pay a bill you have forgotten about.

Put together the developments in smartphone technology and an explosion of digital finance tools mean that you can work smarter, play smarter, manage and make money wherever you are and whenever you want.


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