Fuel Poverty Rife in Scottish Cities

Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Falkirk are the top five cities in the UK for fuel poverty, according to an infographic published by MoneySuperMarket.

Scottish residents who are considered fuel poor struggle to pay their annual energy bills by an average of £437 per year. The shortfall is much less (an average of £371.00 per year) for those in other parts of the UK.

MoneySupermarket further explains that many parts of the United Kingdom are wasting more than £100.00 each year thanks to inefficient insulation, bulbs and boilers. Numerous households are also guilty of leaving appliances and electronics on standby, wasting even more money.

Stephen Murray, energy expert at MoneySuperMarket.com, said: “It is upsetting to think of so many households in fuel poverty where some of the most significant ways of helping this are not being taken advantage of.

“Many of these households will still be on the most expensive tariffs and could save hundreds of pounds a year by switching, even to a tariff from the same supplier. For those most struggling, many suppliers have schemes to help.”

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