Could your finances survive “One Unfortunate Week”?

It’s estimated that 4 in 10 adults in the UK have less than £500 in their savings account and around 28% of adults have nothing saved for a rainy day! That’s why PayPlan has created an interactive journey entitled “One Unfortunate Week” designed to raise awareness of the importance of a savings buffer.

The piece puts you in the shoes of the average Brit, five days before payday and subjected to some of the worst luck you have ever seen, providing examples of unexpected costs that we are often not prepared for.

It’s a lot easier than we might realise to get into debt, a sudden unexpected expense can really throw life into disarray. The interactive journey showcases this by visualising a series of inconveniences, which very quickly turn the user’s financial situation from in the black to in the red.


One Unfortunate Week

–       Sunday: Boiler breaks down = £100 call out + £314 repairs

–       Monday: Car breaks down = £80 call out + £300 repairs

–       Tuesday: Vet bills = £35 consultation + £150 X – Ray

–       Wednesday: School trip payment = £200

–       Thursday: Food shop = £42.50

–       Friday: PAYDAY!


Which begs the question could your finances survive “One Unfortunate Week?”.

Jane Clack from debt management company PayPlan commented on the campaign and the state of debt in the UK…

“The true extent of debt in the UK is at an all time high, and because of this we are seeing more and more people being caught in difficult financial situations. We created the “One Unfortunate Week” piece to showcase how anybody can find themselves in a tough spot after a spell of bad luck”.

“More importantly, we want to make it clear that no matter what your situation, there is always help available. So many people are suffering in silence, we want to let those in trouble know that they’re not alone”.

You can take a look at PayPlan’s One Unfortunate week here –


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