Farage ducks out of Leave march as just 350 turn up

Nigel Farage has confirmed he will not complete the Brexit Betrayal march as just 350 protesters turned up to trek from North East England to Westminster.

The former UKIP leader had tweeted “We’re marching from Sunderland to London… get your walking boots on!” last month as he rallied supporters to join him on a “Brexit Betrayal march”.

Yet today he admitted he will only walk “some of it” as campaigners, who have been sponsored by supporters of his Leave Means Leave campaign, got underway.

The Daily Express had reported that as many as 100,000 people were expected to join the protest in November, but organisers confirmed just over 350 had actually signed up.

Just 50 people have committed to do all 14 days of walking, taking on 20 miles a day, every day, for two weeks and getting bussed a further 30 miles in between stages each day.

Several anti-Brexit protesters gathered as the march got under way, with angry rows breaking out between the two sides.

Anti-Brexit protesters set off a flare with the EU colours and shouted “exit Brexit” while some marchers called them “EU money grabbers”, and one waved a fake blue passport in their direction.

The march will be shadowed by several anti-Brexit groups, including one that raised more than £30,000 to pay for mobile advertising screens.


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2 Responses

  1. Davi

    Was he really expecting that 100k people would volunteer to spend 14 days walking with him, to support Brexit, right when the entire Brexit bullshit is collapsing on the nation’s head?

    Oh man, that must be *a lot* of coke!

  2. It should not make any difference whether 350 people or 50 people turned up for the Brexit Betrayal march, for Nigel Farage to say he will not complete it, would be a betrayal in itself, if it’s true. Those that have turned up are people who not only support Nigel, but are people who could afford the time and money to do it, and they have done it in good faith because they believe the democratic vote to leave has been betrayed. I am a staunch Brexiteer, patriot and UKIP member, and although I have been disappointed in Nigel leaving the party, and his blatant attacks on Gerard Batten and UKIP, the point is, we are all fighting for the same outcome, and I hope those people will continue the march, with or without Nigel, because our fight is about our democracy being betrayed. And our fight is not over, so if our government, the remainers in Parliament, and the bought and paid for Antifa thugs, think they will stop us, they are in for a rude awakening!

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