Farage defends Widdecombe’s comments on Homosexuality

Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage, has defended comments made by Ann Widdecombe regarding sexual conversion.

She had said that science could one day find a way to “find a solution” so gay people could become heterosexual.

In an interview with ITV’s Good Morning Britain today, Farage refused to condemn Widdecombe’s views.

Farage said: “In a free society tolerance needs to be a two-way street and I do think – I really do think – that devout Christians should be allowed to have their opinion.

“I will take no stand on this whatsoever… I believe in issues of conscience. I believe it very strongly,” Farage added.

During the interview he also said he would neither support nor condemn people’s views on topics such as homosexuality or abortion.

Asked if Farage himself thought this science may be possible in the future, he said: “I very much doubt that human beings can be cured of anything. I think we are born the way we are and we tend to stay with our characteristics for the rest of our lives.”

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