Farage complains Obama told UK who to vote for then tells Trump rally he wouldn’t vote Clinton

80s moustache aside, Nigel Farage has been off the radar, but he popped up at a Trump rally in Jackson Mississiippi yesterday.

Farage complained that Obama had come to the UK during the EU Referendum, and told the UK pubic who to vote for. The crowd booed and Farage said “there is no way I would tell you who to vote for,” then went on to say he wouldn’t vote for Hilary Clinton if he was paid to do it, even if Clinton herself paid for him to vote for her. So he had actually done exactly what Obama did in the UK during the EU referendum, but in reverse. The partisan crowd didn’t care of course, they are happy to be told to vote for Trump, that is why they are there after all.

You have to wonder if Farage would have said the same thing if Obama had come to the UK and asked the voters to Leave the EU, it is doubtful he would still be moaning about it now.

Farage rolled out his usual post-Brexit brags, but the US crowd hadn’t heard them before, and they lapped it up. The ex-UKIP leader told them about “Independence Day,” casually forgetting the Americans were getting freedom from the tyranny of the UK, but that is all water under the bridge now.

The common enemy are now immigrants they both share many of the same beliefs on this matter, and many others to be fair. What percentage of Trump supporters would vote UKIP if they were in the UK? One would assume a high proportion.

Farage is at a bit of a loose end these days, perhaps he is trying to break into American politics, a lot of people stateside are a sucker for a posh English accent, and, sadly, right-wing nationalistic and isolationist politics. If he left for the States, many would mourn his passing, and many would raise a glass and hope he never returned British soil.

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