Farage branded a liar in European Parliament as he defends Trump


Nigel Farage was branded a liar in the European Parliament after he went on a tirade defending Donald Trump and criticising the EU.

Cheeky Labour MEP Seb Dance held up a “he’s lying to you” sign as Farage branded Trump’s America a “genuine democracy”.

The former UKIP leader was particularly vocal about the President’s decision to ban nationals from seven countries in the Middle East, saying Trump is motivated by protecting the United States of America from Islamic terrorism, whereas what has happened in this room and in governments around Europe is that you have welcomed these people into your own homes.

“It seems to me that with all the anti-Trump rhetoric coming from everywhere, actually what we’re hearing is the true nature of the European project which is anti-Americanism,” he said.

Watch the speech in full from 26 minutes.



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2 Responses

  1. Richard

    Trump presidency is a true democracy. Exactly as it was when we broke from you. You need to clean your Liberal Dems out of Parliament before you become a Saudi colony.

  2. Tash

    How many Lib dem MPs do you think we have Richard? Also I think you’ll find the Tory’s are quite fond of selling to Saudi. I suspect you may be using words you don’t understand to give advice on subjects you don’t comprehend.

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