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Everyone is reminding David Davis of his pledge to resign if Damian Green is sacked

Theresa May’s deputy Damian Green has been sacked as First Secretary of State after an investigation found he breached UK ministerial code by lying about the presence of porn on his office computer.

Now Brexit Secretary David Davis faces the humiliating prospect of being constantly reminded that he vowed to resign if his cabinet ally was sacked over the investigation into his statements on porn found on his computer and allegations by Tory activist Kate Maltby that he behaved inappropriately towards her.

Cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood’s investigation found that Theresa May’s deputy had been “inaccurate and misleading” when he denied newspaper reports of porn on his computer, breaching the ministerial code of “honesty”.

Thought the investigation found Kate Maltby “plausible” it found that “with competing and contradictory accounts of what were private meetings, it is not possible to reach a definitive conclusion”.

Sources close to the Tory cabinet allies had sought to shore up Theresa May’s deputy by making clear that David Davis vowed to resign despite his crucial position in Britain’s Brexit talks if Damian Green was unfairly dismissed. “David would find it quite difficult to stay in his job and not resign if Damian was pushed out because of anything related to what happened 10 years ago,” one told The Evening Standard.

So as soon as Damian Green was sacked last night, there was no shortage of people to remind the Brexit Secretary of his rash vow to protect his colleague.

(Featured photo of David Davis (c) Robert Sharp / English PEN)



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