Every school in UK faces “Brutal” cuts, says new report

Education Policy Institute study claims £74,000 will be slashed off primary school budgets while secondaries stand to lose £291,000

GMB, the union for school support staff, warned today every school in the UK faces a real-terms per-pupil funding cut thanks to the Government’s brutal national funding formula.

According to a new report by the Education Policy Institute, primary schools will face budget cuts of £74,000 on average by 2019/20, and secondary schools will lose £291,000.

This is the equivalent of 4 lost teaching assistants per primary school, and 16 lost teaching assistants per secondary school.

The report also found that Ministers’ new national funding formula would shift ‘funding away from the most disadvantaged pupils towards what is considered the “just about managing” group.’

Sharon Wilde, GMB National Officer for Schools, said: “This report highlights the national scandal in education funding that will leave our schools poorer and staff fearing for their jobs.

“It isn’t just teachers who are set to lose out – in fact, support staff are often seen as a ‘soft target’ by schools.

“Across the country teaching assistants and other support staff have already suffered brutal cuts to their pay and their terms and conditions, and the situation looks set to get even worse.

“There can be no justification for taking money away from the most deprived children or cutting essential support staff.”

Theresa May has come under widespread criticism for her grammar school expansion plan, which many think will increase the class divide across the country.

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