Esther McVey propagates 2014 Brexit myth- then asks why trust in politicians is at an all time low

Esther McVey was called out for propagating out-dated Brexit myths this weekend after tweeting a 2014 claim by the Telegraph that all EU members would have to adopt the euro by 2020.

The tweet, which has been deleted after garnering thousands of likes and retweets, questioned whether the public was aware of what “the EU has planned for its member states”, despite the source being over four years old and based on inaccurate assumptions.

The UK has a permanent opt-out from the single currency under EU law, and if we remained in the EU, we would retain all of our opt-outs.

As the treaty governing the UK’s opt-out of the Euro says: “the United Kingdom shall not be obliged or committed to adopt the euro without a separate decision to do so by its government and parliament”.

But that didn’t stop the MP for Tatton questioning why trust in politicians is at an all time low in a blog post distributed on her official website.

In it she said once trust with the public is gone,”like the soul, it never returns.

“It is this loss of trust that will truly break our politics, and I shudder to think just what the consequences will be.”

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