Eric Cantona reveals “Brexit bunker” between UK and France

Eric Cantona has unveiled a Brexit bunker somewhere in between the UK and France as tensions mount over the exit process.

The whole country seemed up in arms following Theresa May’s speech last night after she said there would no change of course on Brexit and she would “work night and day” to get MPs to support the unpopular Withdrawal Deal.

A petition to revoke Article 50 has reached over 600,000 signatures in under 24 hours, but there is scant unity on how to deal with the problem.

With Brexit fatigue setting in former Manchester United star Eric Cantona has teamed up with Paddy Power to offer lucky winners a stay in a Brexit bunker in the English Channel.

A new video shows the footballer presiding over the bunker where he recreates Theresa May’s infamous dance moves, mocks Boris Johnson and and references David Cameron’s love of pigs.

He also shows how the facility comes stocked with supplies and rations – including tinned sardines.

Paddy Power Brexit Ambassador Eric Cantona said: “Brexit is like Boris Johnson’s hair, he’s the only one who doesn’t think it’s a complete disaster.

“I have created the Brexit Bunker: A British Noah’s Ark! Here, one specially selected Brit can take shelter from the constant bombardment of Brexit chatter, thanks to Cantona and Paddy Power.”

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