Woman sparks debate after saying it is wrong for passing pedestrians to put rubbish in household bins

A woman sparked debate after criticising children who used her household bin to throw away rubbish.

Posting on a Facebook group, the woman said: “Bins outside someone’s front door are not public bins.”

But other social media users hit back and said the children should be praised for using bins rather than dropping litter.

The woman wrote: “Just a reminder. Bins outside someone’s front door are not public bins.

“Allowing your child to put their rubbish in our bin is not okay.

“If it is a recyclable item that has been put in a general waste bin, WE are the ones that face a fine.

“Basically, don’t be so cheeky.”

The row focused on bins in Gloucestershire.

Wheelie bins on the streets. 

Another Facebook user wrote: “The child is respectful enough to use the nearest bin which just so happened to be yours instead of throwing into a garden or onto a pavement and you can’t offer any kind of praise?”

And another woman added: “People use my bin all the time.

“It’s annoying when it’s a big full bag but I’d rather it was in the bin than on the floor outside my house.”

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