Residents strip off & go nude in protest over incinerator


Campaigners protesting against a planned incinerator have staged a rally at council offices – NAKED.

Residents staged a nude protest outside Shire Hall in Gloucester in an attempt to reverse a decision on the controversial plan.

The small group brandished placards outside the building on Tues in the latest episode in the long-running battle with the county council over the construction.

As well as putting post it notes on the windows of the building, two protesters bared all for the cause, wearing nothing but pants and one had tape over her nipples.

One carried a sign saying “What have you got to hide?” Police were also at the scene but it is not believed there was any trouble.

Last week around 50 protestors stormed Shire Hall to disrupt a full council meeting which was discussing the incinerator being built by Urbaser Balfour Beatty.

The group claims the incinerator being built at Javelin Park in Haresfield will cause serious pollution problems but the council voted to approve its construction.

Previously the council said it didn’t agree with the protesters or their campaign but supports everyone’s right to have their say.

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  1. James Makepeace

    While naked protests and graffiti achieve little of any consequence beyond drawing attention to the scandalous machinations of a few inordinately powerful GCC Tories, it is only to be expected that their barefaced lying to the public and ruthlessly pushing against the rules of democratic process have earned these dinosaurs a very well justified response of public protest.

    At every stage GCC Tories have connived (working uncomfortably closely with their deep-pocketed “preferred contractors” Urbaser Balfour Beatty) to force this project through against the wishes of those who must pay for it and whose environment will be ruined by this appalling scheme.
    Their latest ruse is to insist that to stop building would entail huge costs, whereas, a couple of years ago, they pressed forward with starting construction, (against strong public opposition), despite the fact that the entire affair had yet to receive the appropriate permissions AND that they were already being exposed through a Freedom of Information enquiry by the BBC as having signed a contract which was on the very edge of illegal.
    These councillors have broken every rule in the book to force their “pet project” through. They should be behind bars… not dozing through well-remunerated Council Meetings and ignoring the wishes of the people…. YES these were the corrupt old codgers televised sound asleep in a Council meeting just last week !
    They are too busy looking after their Tory Party funding friends in Big Business… too busy looking after themselves and their friends, and wasting vast sums of public money on doing so.
    The entire thing reeks of corruption on a grand scale.

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