Almost 100% of the earth’s people are breathing unhealthy air, claims report

Pollution is harming almost every person on the planet a worrying report has revealed.

Over 95 per cent of the world’s population are breathing unsafe air. Asia and Africa are the areas where people are suffering from the worst levels of toxic air.

The report, known as the State of Global Air and produced by the Health Effects Institute, calculated the percentage of the world’s people that are exposed to air polluted at larger levels that the World Health Organisation deems as safe for humans.

Bob O’Keefe, Vice President of HEI said: “Air pollution takes a huge personal toll worldwide, making it difficult to breathe for those with respiratory disease, sending the young and old to hospital, missing school and work, and contributing to early death”

“The trends we report show real progress in some parts of the world – but serious challenges remain to eliminate this avoidable affliction.”

According to the report, air pollution has contributed to an estimated six million deaths worldwide in 2016.

Pakistan, Bangladesh and India have experienced the steepest increases in air pollution levels since 2010. China’s pollution rate has declined by a small amount.

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