6 Tips To Cut Rubbish Clearance Costs

Are you moving into a new house? Did you happen to save up enough money to purchase new furniture? Or is an extended family coming over for a joyful holiday? In all scenarios, cleaning your house is the first thought.

Whether you have tonnes of garbage stored in the attic that you want to dump, or you just want to get rid of utensils and furniture, rubbish clearance can cost you a significant amount, especially if you hire helpers.

To help you with this ambitious task of achieving a squeaky clean house for less, we have a list of foolproof tips to cut down on the budget!

Why should proper Rubbish Clearance be a priority?

Did you know more than 177 million tonnes of garbage is produced annually in just the UK alone? Out of these, a large percentage is plastic. But another portion is dedicated to toxic waste.

Toxic waste is generally accumulated in backyards and dumpsters due to chemical breakdowns after days of filthy conditions. This waste is very harmful to plants and animals alike.

The plastic waste thrown away carelessly is dumped in huge piles along roads, highways and neighbourhoods also called fly-tipping. Untreated trash is also washed away in rivers.

Illegal dumping of trash has been a criminal offense since the passing of Environmental Protection Act 1990. The undesirable piles of rubble and waste also affect tourism.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of every citizen of the United Kingdom to recycle as much and they can, and never get involved in carelessly throwing away garbage.

Tips To Cut The Cost On Rubbish Clearance:

1. Recycling and Donating:

Hold up! You’re probably bidding your old furniture farewell and wishing it luck for living in a dumpster. But is your old stuff really that ruined?

Donating is a great way to help others while getting rid of anything that doesn’t quite fit in. There are many ways you can do this though, like driving to a local charity or putting a “Take Me” sign outside your house.

You can also recycle your furniture or old machines by using their parts to create something totally unique. You can get some ideas here.

2. Waste Cleaning Services from Councils:

All residents have rights to the council’s service for removal of bulkier, larger furniture. This service is not free, but quite heavily discounted.

The only drawback is that the service is quite specific on what they take away when they take it away and where. Mostly you’d have to move the items outdoors yourselves. And it may take a week on pre-booking.

3. Dismantling Bulkier Stuff:

If your furniture is able for dismantling, it’s a better option to put that free time to good use. Dismantling not only makes the job substantially easy but increases portability.

Also, since many rubbish clearance companies and movers’ vans calculate cost by volume, it helps to have a less-space consuming item.

4. Use Skips for Heavy Load:

Mucky, heavy and rubble waste like soil, fertilizer and cement are better off being carried by skips. It saves time and money. Skips are very efficient and contain the generated waste as well.

5. Sharing The Cost:

Now this one truly helps everyone! And you’re in luck if you’re very social!

There’s no reason to believe your neighbors don’t have any rubbish in their house. How about teaming up and hiring a bunch of workers? You both get to save some money and it is very efficacious too!

6. Hire a Waste Removal Company:

Rubbish clearance companies may sound like they’ll charge a lot, but trust us, it isn’t that costly. Besides, they do pretty much all the work there is.

Not only does it save your precious time that can be used to focus elsewhere, but a job done by professionals looks better always. A couple bucks over the moving service cost for a comfier weekend is a good bargain!

Our Final Opinions:

It is easy to save up money by not spending a lot on house cleaning. Cutting on the budget isn’t as difficult, just requires some creative ideas.
Whether you opt for recycling, donating, selling on eBay or hiring rubbish clearance companies, remember that not all types of waste is handled by every tip we mentioned. All you have to do is try to picture what will cost you the least when it comes to your type of rubbish, and you can save quite a few pounds.

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