Emerging reports suggest Tories submit 48 letters for vote of no confidence in Theresa May

The 48 letters from Conservative MPs needed to trigger avote of no confidence in Theresa May’s leadership have been submitted to the1922 Committee, a single -sourced Reuters Brexit editor is reporting.

Their BrexitCentral editor cites a source who he insists is always reliable.

“Unconfirmed and from a single (always previously reliable) source – but hearing that the 48 letters are in and Downing Street are preparing for a no confidence motion in Theresa May as Conservative leader…” tweeted Reuters’ Jonathan Isaby who is well connected to Brexiters in the Conservative Party.

The Huffpost’s Paul Waugh just tweeted: “All Govt whips havejust been told to cancel Friday constituency engagements and convene inParliament today, one source tells me. Make of that what you will?”

Sky News say sources are confirming this too. 

“All government whips have been told to cancel any engagements today and return to London as a source close to the whip’s office says a no confidence vote in the Prime Minister is now “likely” Sky news is reporting.

“Have this confirmed by a source close to the whips office. They are heading back to SW1. Source tells me it must now be likely that confidence vote happening. “Got to be close if not there already” – says Beth RIgby Sky News’ Deputy Political Editor.

A series of perfectly timed resignations yesterday morning included Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, regarded by Tories as a “poster boy forBrexit.”

Hours after Theresa May addressed the nation in a press conference to insist that everything was on track, reports are emerging that enough letters have been submitted to the Conservative backbenchers’ 1922 committee to trigger a leadership contest in the party.

“I am not in denial” the Prime Minister insisted last night when questioned about how  she would get her Brexit deal through Parliament.

But the DUP had withdrawn their 10 MPs’ support that she hasbeen relying on for a majority, making it extremely unlikely that she can gether deal through the Commons in the face of objections from Labour and her ownMPs determined to vote against her deal.

“For what it’s worth, I can’t find a Tory MP who thinks the 48 no-confidence letters aren’t already with the 1922’s Brady. And surprising people are telling me they will vote against her, if (when?) it comes to it” Robert Peston tweeted yesterday.

Earlier Jacob Rees-Mogg publicly handed in a letter of no-confidence in Theresa May’s leadership to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the1922 Committee and called on other MPs too.

When asked who would make a good leader for the party, the hardline Brexiter only mentioned fellow Brexit-supporting Tories Boris Johnson,Michael Gove, Dominic Raab, Esther McVey and Penny Mordant.

The prominent Brexiter said Theresa May’s Brexit deal “has turned out to be worse than anticipated and fails to meet the promises given to the nation by the Prime Minister”.

The letter follows up on a threat Mr Rees-Mogg made in the House of Commons this morning, when he reeled off a list of promises he said the Prime Minister had broken with the EU withdrawal agreement.

Which MPs have submitted letters to the 1922 Committee?

The 18 Conservative MPs who have admitted publicly that they have submitted letters calling for a vote of no confidence in the PrimeMinister Theresa May are:

 Andrea Jenkyns, Andrew Bridgen, Philip Davies, James Duddridge, Nadine Dorries, Martin Vickers, Adam Holloway, Lee Rowley, Simon Clarke, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Peter Bone, John Whittingdale, Laurence Robertson, Steve Baker, Maria Caulfield, Lee Rowley, Simon Clarke, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Peter Bone, John Whittingdale, Laurence Robertson, Steve Baker and Maria Caulfield.

At the same time resignations started hours after Theresa May presented the Brexit agreement to her cabinet.

Michael Gove refuses to say if he will resign.

Suella Braverman quit as minister in the Brexit department. She was the 4th resignation yesterday after Esther McVey, Dominc Raab and theNorthern Ireland Minster Shailesh Vara earlier today,

Boris Johnson was also seen bolting from the ERG meeting, and declined to speak to reporters.

And Tories were briefing a vote of no confidence was just a matter of time for their leader.

David Davis’ former advisor Stewart Jackson told LBC radio: “I think she’s finished, let’s be honest. I mean, she’s totally finished. You’ll have 48 letters in by next week.

“She’s lost the trust of the parliamentary party. It’s not just Brexiteers. The point is that for so many months she has obfuscated all the details of what, in secret, she has been negotiating with Olly Robbins and others with the European Union.”

“Sensing the levels of frustration and annoyance colleagues are feeling it would not surprise me if organically letters are going in,” Brexiteer MP Conor Burns also told LBC, adding, “anybody looking in could rightly conclude that most people are appalled at the mess we are in.

“This is an embarrassment for Britain. It’s an embarrassment for us all.”

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6 Responses

  1. stuart leed

    leavers everywhere need to make their voice heard – the full weight of the Establishment, government resources, remain-supporting/change the referendum result and some very heavy donor-based financial resources will be and indeed are being targeted on keeping May and her paucity of a deal, this shameful betrayal of her promises and manifesto commitments, in place. Write to your MP, email them, post on all the relevant websites – she has to go, and a new leader with firm Brexit principles to replace her. She must not be allowed to say, unchallenged, that her deal delivers Brexit, too many people may believe her. Her betrayal on the several key points of taking control of borders, money, trade, laws and sovereignty have not only not been delivered (as she contends), but instead, they have been further surrendered and conceded from where we are now!

  2. P Powell

    I’m worried May will resign, as that’s what anti EU politicians want. We might leave the EU with Boris Johnson as leader.
    I’m unsure if most media is dumb, or if it’s trying to dumb down society by getting people to care about talentless celebs?
    I’ve studied EU law, and hardly see any real facts about leaving the EU. I’ve seen some write that they want to leave the EU because they don’t want people here from Pakistan, so they don’t even know where Europe is or why people came here from Pakistan.
    People don’t know everything from the EU has been good and everything from Tories has been bad. Anti EU politicians just don’t want EU protecting British people, such as EU saying workers should have enough breaks and genetically modified ingredients should be labelled.
    People trust Boris Johnson on leaving the EU. When he was on a TV show trying to get support to arm extremists in Syria against Assad, like how whistle blower David Shayler told how Tories were funding Al Qaeda against Gaddafi, the media made a fuss about an unimportant dumb comment he made, but when he said on the same show that there wasn’t a vote on the second war against Iraq, the media didn’t say anything, when we wouldn’t have gone to war second time if more Tories hadn’t voted yes than other parties.
    That means he’s an evil liar putting on a clown act to get away with telling Tory lies and media is in with him, or him and the media are stupid, but he keeps being given important jobs running the country

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