Elizabeth Line Bemoans Queen Photobomb

New Yorker Elizabeth Line has taken to Twitter to bemoan the Queen’s photobomb after the Head of State made an appearance at the unveiling of the newly-named Crossrail line.

The American, dubbed ‘the real Elizabeth Line’, picked up the news after an announcement was made earlier this week that the Crossrail network – spanning from Reading to Shenfield – would be named after Queen Elizabeth II.

Miss Line is VP of 23 Stores, a content division at Conde Nast magazine publishers. She said she was “delighted” to share her name with the newest part of London’s transport network, adding that there’s “nothing like waking up to a little insta-celebrity”.

“When I found out I was trending on Twitter this morning, there were a few moments of “what did I do last night” panic but now I’m just having fun with it,” she told the Evening Standard.

Asked about the chosen colour scheme to go with the new name, she replied “love the purple”.

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