London Students Tapping Into Extra Income Stream

Shrewd students across the capital and beyond have found a way to make ends meet. Resourceful undergraduates and postgraduates are tapping into matched betting as a reliable extra income to supplement both their studies and social life.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ll know all too well that hefty tuition fees and the rising cost of living are making it increasingly difficult to get into higher education. With the exception of those from a privileged background, it’s likely that the average Joe could be priced out of going to university altogether. This has prompted intellectual minds to find a viable way of making some extra cash to get through uni.

More and more students are turning to matched betting for a workable solution to ease their financial strain. It’s a completely legal way of exploiting the promotions from online bookmakers to make a tax-free income. With the help of sites like, there are plenty of resources to simplify the process and achieve a sustainable profit. By signing up to a premium service you will have access to calculators that take care of any complex sums. There’s also specialist software to find the best bets each time and help to boost your earnings.
It’s a minimal risk strategy. To qualify for an offer, you will need to place a bet with a bookmaker. This qualifying bet is then covered with a lay bet on a betting exchange. A lay bet is to bet something won’t win, allowing both possible outcomes to be accounted for. At this point a small loss of a few pence is deemed acceptable.

In qualifying for an offer, you can receive a free bet or bonus. These bookmaker rewards can then be used to generate a real money profit. A typical free bet can be converted into 80% cash. So a £10 free bet is worth £8 and a £20 free bet is worth £16 and so on.

This sagacious way to make money online is ideal for student life. It can be done between lectures and at the weekend when there are betting offers a plenty. For as little as half an hour’s effort each day, it’s possible to bring in around £100 per week. Of course, you can put in more time to increase your takings if you like.

It’s this versatility that makes it so appealing to students who can work it around their studies. Perhaps this is why so many students are choosing matched betting over typical part-time employment. Why work a full evening behind a bar when it’s possible to make more money sitting on your laptop at home?

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