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Katie Hopkins speaking tour to school children on Trump and Brexit greeted with the outrage she loves to cause…

Serial offender Katie Hopkins is under fire again – this time for having arranged a speaking tour on topics such as Trump and Brexit – in secondary schools.

The publicity mongering controversialist was fired from her talk show on LBC due to the  Holocaust connotations of her call for a “final solution” in the wake of the Manchester Arena bombing. And earlier this year she was ordered to pay food blogger Jack Monroe £131,000 in court costs and damages for falsely trolling her on Twitter with accusations of scrawling on war memorials.

But now the former Apprentice contestant is bouncing back with a bid to find a younger audience – in schools!

The opinionated self-publicist likes to throw a hate-preaching hand-grenade into debates on everything including education – and last week she put a call out on Twitter for pupils to ask their schools to invite her to talk.

Bizarrely it has emerged that she has been allowed into Welsh schools to talk to children on array of subjects close to her heart – including trusted sources for news on Brexit; “the politics of emotion;” identity politics and the “social media mob” and choosing not to take offence.

The Association of School and College Leaders in the Times Education Supplement pointed out that according to the Government’s Prevent guidelines on terrorism and radical hate preachers:

The Prevent Statutory Guidance para 68 says:

“Specified authorities will need to…[have] robust safeguarding policies in place to identify children at risk…These policies should set out clear protocols for ensuring that any visiting speakers – whether invited by staff or by children themselves – are suitable and appropriately supervised.”

This letter posted on Twitter to the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Education appears to show Hopkins’ manager and husband Mark Cross offering his wife’s speaking tour to any age group and boasting about how popular her talk at Harrow School was:

The Welsh Education Secretary responded promptly saying Hopkins is “unelected, unpleasant and needs PR and reaction to survive” and suggesting that she will not be speaking in Welsh schools:

But Wales Online reports that Mark Cross claims they have “a number of tentative and confirmed invitations from south Wales”.

Earlier this month Katie Hopkins insulted Welsh school mums when a few spoke out after a Welsh high school put their children in isolation for wearing the wrong clothes. Hopkins tweeted that she was “outraged that they were allowed to breed at all”.


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