Drivers can pay for parking with plastic bottles

Green-minded car park chiefs after offering free parking to motorists – in exchange for old plastic bottles.

Each bottle is worth 20p and customers can bring as many as they like, so a whole day of parking can be had for free.

To claim the discount, drivers must hand the containers over to an attendant in exchange for vouchers.

After receiving the bottles, which have to be at least 500ml, they will be recycled into items such as clothing, furniture and toys.

The green initiative is currently being piloted by parking operator CitiPark in Leeds city centre throughout October.

Parking tariffs range from £3 for one hour to £19 for twenty four hours, meaning customers would need 95 bottles for a whole day of free parking.

CitiPark car park attendant Chris Jones, said: “This scheme is all about helping the environment, which is something our company takes quite seriously.

“Drivers just need to come to the customer services desk with their bottles and we’ll give them a discount on their ticket.

“They can bring as many as they like but they do have to be at least 500ml.

“People have really been buying into the idea and we’ve had lots of customers turning up with bottles to exchange.

“Hopefully this kind of thing could be introduced on a longer term basis.”

A host of other companies are also running schemes rewarding customers for recycling as plastic usage comes under scrutiny.

Visitors to Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Legoland Windsor and Chessington World of Adventures can exchange plastic bottles for discount vouchers and Tesco are to pay shoppers 10p for plastic bottles.

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