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An alleged Islamic State fanatic claimed he only planned to move to a Muslim country so he could marry – despite owning a terrorist guidebook which included instructions on bomb making and guerrilla warfare.

Mohammad Imran, 22, told police he had tried to obtain a fake passport because his mum would not let him have his own, the Old Bailey heard.

Imran, whose accomplice Naa’Imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, has plotted to behead Theresa May in a suicide attack on No. 10 had written “The Islamic State will remain” on a note found by police in his bedroom, jurors were told.

On an Amazon kindle found at his home in Birmingham, West Midlands, he had several documents condoning violence against non-believers, the court heard.

The Old Bailey heard how the Kindle also contained a copy of ‘How to survive in the West 2015’ which gave advice on bomb making, training and weapons.

Mark Heywood, prosecuting, said Imran told police: “He was intending to travel abroad to a Muslim country but this was not for a terrorist purpose but for religious reasons.

“He also intended to marry and that he might need a fake passport because his mum kept his passport.”

The court heard Imran has written on his wardrobe door on blue paper: “Go for jihad now, do you really want to stay at home whilst others are lasting Jannah? Do not miss out on the chance of jihad.”

He also wrote: “There will come lions with black flags riding on horses with black cloaks and attack with the dash of 1,000 lions.”

Mr Heywood QC said: “At his home was an Amazon Kindle device, it can accommodate documents in electronic form.

“Some of the documents on that device turned out to be of interest to the investigation, these included writings by various individuals of a nature that might be described as of Islamist interest.

“For example things with titles such as ‘Those Who Do Not Fear Them’, Slicing The Sword Against The One Who Finds Allegiance With Disbelievers.

“Also on this device was ‘Milestones’, Islam is verging on extinction and the difficulty is non believers, Western values and perhaps steps that might be taken in order to reverse that decline up to and including violence if necessary.”

Also on the Kindle was terrorist handbook ‘How to survive in the West 2015’ which included step by step guides to commit terror atrocities, it was said.

Mr Heywood, reading from the handbook, said: “It ranges from simple to more complex, this is bomb making at home, advice to the individual on how to achieve an improvised explosive device.

“Shrapnel because it is likely to kill and injury, you need shrapnel in order to cause maximum damage.

“The portable pressure cooker bomb is described as well as instructions as to how to use it. The nails and sharp rockets will disperse everywhere and it will cut off body pieces.

“Put it in a backpack and leave it where you want it to explode.”

Prosecutor Mark Heywood QC told the Old Bailey that Mr Rahman considered the military and MI5 buildings as targets before settling on Downing Street, and was fully prepared to die.

“Before his arrest prevented it, he was, he believed, just days away from his objective, which was no less than a suicide attack, by blade and explosion, on Downing Street and, if he could, upon the prime minister, Theresa May, herself,” he said.

Imran, of Sparkbrook, Birmingham, denies preparing terrorist acts and possessing a terrorist document on his Kindle.

Rahman, of Finchley, north London, denies two counts of preparing terrorist acts.

The charges against Rahman state that on or before 28 November 2017 with the intention of committing acts of terroism engaged in conduct in preparation for giving effect to that intention, namely conducting a recconnssaince of the target location, recording a pledge of allegiance, purchasing a rucksack, delivering a rucksack and jacket to be fitted with improvised explosive devices and collecting the rucksack and jacket with a view to committing acts against persons in the United Kingdom.

The second count against Raman alleges that on or before 28 November 2017 with the intention of assisting another to committing acts of terroism engaged in conduct in preparation for giving effect to Mohamed Imran’s intention of committing acts of terroism, namely by recording and sending to him a sponsorship video in order for him to be accepted by Islamic State.

Mohammad Imran denies one count of engaging in conduct in preparation of terroist acts, namely that on or before 28 November 2017 with the intention of committing acts of terroism engaged in conduct in preparation for giving effect to that intention namely; saving money to pay for a fake passport and travel to Libya, communicating with another online and sending two photographs of his passport data page to secure a fake passport, conducting online research into travel options and terroist publications, possessing an Islamic State sponsorship video made by Raman, downloaded “How to Survive in the West – a Mujahid’s Guide 2015” and putting into effect a number of instructions in it.

The trial continues.

By Ben Gelblum and Adam Bennett



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