Donations to the Conservatives dwarf all other parties in first 3 months of the year

Donations to the Conservative party were three times the size of any other party at the start of 2018, new figures have revealed.

The Tories received £4.7 million in the first three months of the year, compared with £1.4 million of donations to Labour and £564,000 to the Liberal Democrats.

Leading Tory donors include Ehud Sheleg, an Israeli-born businessman who recent media reports have suggested could become the party’s treasurer.

The party also received a £582,358 bequest.

Outside of the main three the new Anti-Brexit party Renew received £111,671 in donations over the three-month period.

Neither the SNP nor UKIP reported any donations above the £7,500 threshold. But UKIP took out a £86,379 loan, taking its total outstanding borrowings to £390,379 at the end of March.


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